Her latest single, “Catch My Fall Again” is evidence that Chloé Sautereau has grown and matured as a singer-songwriter. On December 8, this Swiss-born artist who released self-produced and stripped down singles continues to captivate. After the successes of Ten Thousand Stories and Get to Know You Game, Sautereau’s new track hits home with its rich storytelling and brazenly intimate style.

After years on the Swiss main radios, and recording her first EP “As I Keep On Dreaming” when she was just 18 Chloé has grown considerably as a musician. Her relocation to New York and later singles as Chloé introduced new dimensions into her work. “Catch My Fall Again” is no exception, providing an intimate and contemplative experience.

Instrumentally and thematically, Chloé paints a world true to her experiences. The song describes the complexities and contradictions of human life, exploring how it feels to be caught up in life’s endless whirlwind. Her music is distinguished by authenticity and emotional depth, so that “Catch My Fall Again” becomes not only a song but something to be lived through. The track is an excellent marriage of artistic sophistication and raw emotion, cementing Chloe Sautereau’s place on the international music scene.