Velcrocranes’ latest release “What If I Die” is a brilliant work of hard rock that drips with existentialism. Also noteworthy: As a set of 9 tracks, this is more than just an album–it’s a series of reflections on life’s essential questions from the beautiful to soulfully clever. The crunching guitar riffs only enhance the effect when combined with compelling vocals.

The album’s thematic exploration is as dynamic as its sound, changing as the listener delves deeper into each track. It brilliantly mirrors the evolution of one’s understanding of life, death, and the myriad values and choices in between. This is evident in the singles – “Step Aside,” “Hold Your Breath,” and “Afterlife, Pt. 2” – each a standalone piece, yet integral to the album’s cohesive narrative.

It is the genre-bending capabilities of “What If I Die” that differentiates it from most other fiction. The album, then, began as a deep-rooted foundation in hard rock. But space was carved out for jazz elements here and electronic there; prog crept into the corners while trap made an appearance atop it all. It’s not just what Efim (vocalist), Nikita (drummer/producer), and Alex (guitarist/arranger) The sheer diversity here create an eclectic, if not shocking listening experience lick by lick.

The album plunges into the abyss of fear of unfamiliar things and continues fighting against discrimination by whatever means. Everything rings familiar to its consumers, as well as hits them very close to home. Velcrocranes ’ “What If I Die is” more than just an album; it’s a musical meditation on life itself and provides us with its richly varied soundscape.