Big Society, hailing from Manchester and initially an indie rock band, has evolved into a more diverse musical group. Their latest EP features the standout track, “A Quick One, While We’re Waiting.” The song starts with an unusual blend of synthesizer sounds, paving the way for an acoustic guitar that gently ushers in this gradually intensifying musical journey. The vocals, true to indie traditions, are heartfelt and emotively delivered without being excessive. The track cleverly employs Foley sounds, layering them to enrich the texture. Its gradual crescendo carries a touch of melancholy yet feels somewhat ethereal. The moment of anticipation is met when a soft drum rhythm and a deep guitar tone give the song a leisurely, yet compelling rhythm.

This track distinctly echoes the vibe of the 1990s, moving with a seemingly effortless flow towards what could best be described as a classic, lighter-in-the-air album finale. Harmonizing vocals subtly complement the guitar in the background. The song is minimalistic in terms of lyrics, feeling more like a carefully crafted soundscape than a conventional song. “A Quick One, While We’re Waiting” stands as another impressive addition to Big Society’s repertoire, solidifying their status as a noteworthy band.