“Used To It” by Chicago’s own Michal Leah is a track that will undoubtedly renew your appreciation for the emerging talents in the music scene. Leah’s vocal prowess is so remarkable that comparisons to celebrated artists like Brandi Carlile or Adele wouldn’t seem far-fetched. Her control and expression are that impressive.

This song is a rare find, the kind that makes you believe the artist might be channeling the spirit or is the reincarnation of a legendary singer from the past. Although this genre isn’t our usual focus on the blog, we strongly recommend giving “Used To It” a listen to fully grasp the level of artistry we’re talking about. Beyond the sheer vocal talent, the song resonates on an emotional level, with Leah poignantly capturing the journey of not being able to move on from a loss but gradually becoming accustomed to the void left behind.