At just 22, Norwegian artist Bo Milli, originally named Emilie Østebø, makes a striking impact with her latest single “Good Kid.” This track from the Bergen native delves into her perspective on climate change and reflects on the expectations set by previous generations.

“Good Kid” stands out with its distinct ’90s vibe. It starts with a captivating sound and tape effect, creating a unique ambiance that draws you in from the first verse. The laid-back rhythm of the drums and bass lays a solid foundation, with the bass line being particularly impressive for its appealing tone and effortless style. The highlight for me is the combination of clean and overdriven electric guitars.

The chorus introduces heavier guitar tones, offering a compelling contrast and injecting a sense of power and dynamics into the song. The tambourine brings a certain flair, while the mellow pad in the second verse is a subtle yet effective addition. Bo Milli’s voice is genuinely enchanting, and her backing vocal arrangements truly accentuate its beauty. The quieter parts of the track allow for a re-emergence of the skillful bass and drum work. Despite its grave underlying theme, “Good Kid” manages to be both uplifting and ethereal, marked by its excellent instrumentation. The standout element for me is the commanding chorus, the crowning feature of an already impressive track. Overall, this is a remarkable piece of music.