Benedict October’s latest titled “Lovestruck”, is a beautiful and vivid story told of the more innocent times when young lovers could go out dancing vicariously through it. The song combines private history with universal themes of love and coincidence, infusing the tapestry with rich emotion. In Benedict October’s magnificently detailed description, his father plays the role of Dutch Tony Manero from ‘Saturday Night Fever 78’, winning over his mother amidst the fast-pulsing flashing lights and whistles. The imagery is both powerful and effective; one can almost smell the atmosphere of the club, and taste that unbridled enthusiasm for new love.

It also perfectly complements the story itself. The rhythms and tunes are clearly of retro 80’s disco, but they still sound fresh and modern today. And Benedict October’s singing is both moving and entrancing, drawing the listener deeper into this love story. More than a song, “Lovestruck” is also a time capsule. It celebrates the happy accident that makes love rise up from its hidden sources to give us unexpected but delightful encounters with beauty each day–the power of storytelling! Benedict October’s skill as a songwriter and storyteller sets his voice apart on this track, so much in fact that you do not just hear it but experience the tale of how his parents met.