In her new song, ‘At the Seaside”, Breena brings together all she has seen and heard from life as rich with a variety of artistic experiences swelling into personal joys. Stuttgart-based musician, interior architect, and artist Breena has a very singular background that is deeply steeped in her work. This song echoes a profound connection to nature that was expertly implanted in her when she grew up on a vegetable farm.

Breena’s journey in music began with classical trumpet lessons and then went through phases of self-taught piano and vocal skills. Her experiences playing at many different jazz bands or combos have also added to her tunes on this record called “At the Seaside.” it weaves these different pop beat influences together in a hauntingly serene, sometimes even otherworldly manner that seems drawn from her closeness to nature. The bass contributes to the track subtly yet powerfully, providing an ambiance as beautiful and relaxing as the seaside.

The education and experience Breena received in interior architecture and design also had some effect on her music, which has been influenced by the geography of Scotland, Germany, and Italy. This distinctive background provides the song with a layered complexity. It is like an ornate carpet of sounds that look beautiful and fresh but consist largely of threads reused from much older rugs.

“At the Seaside” is not a mere song-it’s an artistic statement on Breena and her life, it’s almost like art that travels with nature or even runs around inside of music. A song full of earthy appeal, it shows her versatility and depth as an artist. The track is something for any true lover of music that comes from the heart and soul.