“Left in October” by Avtumne is a masterpiece that truly showcases the immense talent of this red-haired Cuban-American indie rock artist. Hailing all the way, from Miami Avtumne brings forth a fusion of alternative rock with just the right touch of ’90s nostalgia resulting in a sound that feels simultaneously refreshing and familiar.

What makes Avtumne truly stand out is her ability to infuse her music with thought-provoking lyrics exploring themes such as love, passion, loss, and the relentless passage of time. By collaborating with Marthin Chan from Afonico Music, a Latin Alternative Rock artist she further enriches the depth and richness of her songs.

One distinctive factor about Avtumne lies in her talent for weaving symbolism from her heritage into her music—an artistic expression that empowers women. Her fiery personality shines through effortlessly. Blends seamlessly with her love for rock music—making “Left in October” an anthem that resonates deeply with those who appreciate emotions and compelling storytelling.

Avtumne’s vocal style bears resemblance to Dolores from The Cranberries while incorporating shades of Lana Del Rey—giving an added layer of uniqueness to her music. In this track particularly she skillfully combines Paramore’s energy with Alanis Morissette’s depth.

“Left in October” is a must listen—it leaves an impact, on both the heart and mind.
Avtumne shows talent as a songwriter displaying her ability to capture the essence of her experiences during the COVID-19 and her keen observations of the world. This song truly showcases her abilities. I am eagerly looking forward to hearing more from this exceptional talent.