“Drinkin’ You Away” by Shady Oaks is a treasure in the realm of rock showcasing the genuine talent and passion that this Denver-based band brings to the forefront. This song truly embodies their fusion of rock and folk influences taking listeners on a journey that captures your attention from the very first moment.

With Ty Gallaway leading both on guitar and vocals Sarah Hubbard on violin Isaac Vance on slide guitar Jonah Samp on drums Hunter Bates on bass, occasional contributions from Ian Arras on keys and harmonies, and production by Loren Dorland. Shady Oaks is a force when it comes to creating a one-of-a-kind experience.

“Drinkin’ You Away” explores the emotions that arise after a relationship ends, particularly addressing the loss of friendships during the healing process. The song beautifully captures these feelings with haunting melodies and impactful lyrics. It’s a track that deeply resonates with anyone who has gone through similar experiences.

The band’s live recording approach, for this song, adds a layer of authenticity and rawness that’s absolutely captivating. It’s evident that Shady Oaks pours their heart and soul into their music. A fact that shines through in every note played and every lyric sung.
Shady Oaks has already made a splash in the Colorado music scene with performances such, as opening for The Velveteers and closing out the Underground Music Showcase. Their commitment to creating powerful and lively music is evident in their song “Drinkin’ You Away “. Its clear that they have a promising future in the music industry.

If you enjoy artists like Jack White, Shakey Graves or The Black Keys you should definitely include Shady Oaks in your playlist. “Drinkin’ You Away” is a track that showcases the band’s talent and leaves listeners eagerly anticipating more from this group of musicians. Keep an eye on Shady Oaks; they are on their way to becoming a rising star, in the realm of rock.