“Visions” by Tokyo City Groove is a fusion of rhythm and melody showcasing the skills of Kenta Kitamura and Kaoru Yamauchi. The duo, with over four decades of experience as studio musicians brings their expertise to this track formed in 2022. They have collaborated with City Pop artists and “Visions” truly represents their deep roots in Fusion and Jazz while incorporating the essence of City Pop.

The song kicks off with a captivating Latin-flavored rhythm, where Yamauchi’s montuno bass line seamlessly blends with Kitamura’s drumming. The melody is both light and captivating taking listeners on an intricate journey. As a surprise in the section, there’s a classical piano and synthesizer interlude that offers a moment of serene contemplation before diving back into the energetic rhythm zone.

What sets “Visions” apart is its live performance quality. During each show, guest musicians join forces with Tokyo City Groove, including peers from the era of city pop. This collaborative spirit combined with the duo’s prowess creates a soundscape that evokes nostalgia while also introducing innovation.

Recorded in Kitamuras studio “Visions” reflects Tokyo City Grooves’ dedication, to being ‘rhythm geeks. Their approach combines expertise with elements resulting in music that captures a true sense of authenticity and passion. It goes beyond synthesizers and AI capabilities celebrating the human touch, in music.

“Visions” goes beyond being a song; it offers an experience. It takes listeners on a captivating journey, through Tokyo’s landscape providing a glimpse into the duo’s extensive background and unwavering dedication to their artistry. This track is not merely something to listen to; it’s an opportunity to delve into the essence of City Pop, skillfully brought to life by two practitioners.