Alexander Joseph’s song “I Wanna Believe” is a compelling piece that resonates with the urgency of our times. The track, which is the opening number of his third EP ‘Stop and Breathe’, draws attention to the collective need to address the causes of global warming and protect our precious home. The song’s message is not only timely but also deeply personal, reflecting Joseph’s commitment to environmental causes.

“I Wanna Believe” showcases Joseph’s talent as a songwriter and artist. His lyrics are thought-provoking and his melodies are memorable, creating a song that is both enjoyable to listen to and impactful in its message. The song’s production is polished, with a balance of instrumentation that complements Joseph’s vocals without overpowering them.

As for the artist himself, Alexander Joseph is a UK-based songwriter who has been involved in music from a young age. He has played acoustic guitar and bass in several cover bands and has been writing and recording his own material since at least 2013. His music has been featured on BBC Introducing and he has also used his platform to support various sports initiatives.

Joseph’s commitment to his craft is evident in his music, but it’s his dedication to using his art to make a difference that truly sets him apart. His decision to donate proceeds from his EP to global reforestation work is a testament to his belief in the power of music to effect change. “I Wanna Believe” is a powerful song from an artist who is not afraid to use his voice for good. Alexander Joseph is a talented musician with a clear vision for his art, and it will be exciting to see where his career takes him next.