Wamala – “My Whole Life”

Ugandan/Australian alt-music artist Wamala unveils a more tender facet of his musical prowess in his newest track “My Whole Life”. A stark contrast to the lively rhythms of his inaugural single “Dance Again,” this latest offering is a testament to Wamala’s multifaceted artistry. “My Whole Life” harmoniously blends Wamala’s remarkable vocals with the rich melodies of an eight-piece string ensemble, crafting a breathtaking and cinematic auditory experience. The track draws its inspiration from an unexpected moment during the 2020 lockdowns when the love of his life surprisingly surfaced in his newsfeed, encapsulating the serendipitous beauty birthed from challenging periods.

Wamala, born and raised in Uganda, is a Naarm/Melbourne-based artist who draws inspiration from various genres, including 90’s alternative, R&B, trip-hop, grunge, modern folk, gospel, blues, and rock. He has a unique and emotive voice that sets him apart from other artists in the industry. Wamala’s music is both fresh and familiar, resonating with listeners and leaving a lasting impression. “My Whole Life” is a powerful and genuine song that showcases Wamala’s incredible ability to articulate emotions and experiences through his music. With a bright future ahead, Wamala is an artist to watch as he continues to make an impact with his genre-defying sound.