Wotts’ most recent release “WANNABE” is captivating with its advanced indie and synth-pop qualities, saying much about the distinction of the Canadian duo. This is a proper successor of their previous track “ALLO!”. This song is a memorable addition to the sapling of their journey, telling the untold intricacies of unreturned love that resonates sonically. Produced by Jayem, Wotts’ vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, the production is perfect, seamlessly fusing old drum machines, slightly warm analog synths, and sharp guitar to create a soundscape that feels both familiar and futuristic.

On “WANNABE,” Wotts shine in their understanding of how to merge groovy, danceable rhythms with introspective lyrics whilst still achieving the band’s idea of a “happy sad song.” This dichotomy speaks volumes about the band’s artistry and skill in producing music that is complex and multifaceted, comparable to bands such as Tame Impala or Dayglow. In the exciting and lively atmosphere of this track, it is easy to miss that it examines a historical occurrence and longing for love underneath its vibrant spirit; yet the introspective nature of the tune draws people in with its opening sequences that invite audiences to explore until they uncover the pain and anticipation that comes from being forced to wait for love.

The song’s homage to Australian psych-pop adds a distinctive flair, with Jayem’s nod to big drums, fat bass, and generous reverb contributing to its unique sound. “WANNABE” is more than just a song; it’s an encounter that defines the whole emotional turmoil of real love and anticipation. It’s a statement of the artist’s growth and their capacity to create emotionally laden yet sonically enthralling music in this case Wotts. “WANNABE” is a song that leads those who yearn for a melody that boasts both catchy rhythms as well as introspective narratives on the road of discovery.