The newest album from Kickstand Jenny named “Between The Lies” is a surprising journey through sound that goes far beyond everything anyone was hoping for. This album is a skillful integration between the creativity and the elegance of refinement in music that offers the band’s high level of polish along with their great capacity for skill. Every song is meticulously forged with captivating guitar riffs, potent drum beats, and ghostly yet liberating vocals. The lyrics are very profound and thought-inspiring as they delve into issues of truth, illusion, and somewhere in between the two with poetic beauty and depth.

Standout tracks like “Standing In The Doorway” and “Death Trap” demonstrate the band’s ability to balance hard-hitting rock with moments of delicate introspection. The quality of production is excellent and every note being played is always crisp and the real melody is heard. “Between The Lies” is more than just an album; it is a musical journey that lives on even after the last track ends. Kickstand Jenny is an epitome of the growth of artists as well as a guiding light on what modern rock music should be.