Treehouse – “Clique”

The newest song of Treehouse called “Clique” is a dynamic outburst of punk rock energy and defiance. A distillation of the anarchic nature of their debut EP, “Seems Reasonable”, this song is a focused scream of defiance. Frontman Josh channels his teenage years, influenced by punk icons like Black Flag and NOFX, into a narrative that celebrates outcasts and individuality

The song opens with the band’s typical laid-back style, introducing the listener to a journey of getting away from the ordinary. As it progresses, “Clique” evolves into a punchy anthem of liberation, boasting dynamic instrumentals and a catchy chorus that resonates with anyone yearning to break free from societal constraints. This track is not just music; it’s a powerful statement on self-identity and the empowerment that comes with rejecting conformity. Treehouse has once again proven their ability to craft music that’s both deeply personal and universally relatable, making “Clique” a must-listen for anyone who values authenticity and punk rock’s unapologetic spirit.