Karen Harding’s “Imaginary Boyfriend” is an indie pop treasure that embodies yearning and freedom in a graceful and charming way. Out on 9th February 2024, perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day, this single is a lovely antidote to the standard romantic fare of the season. Karen’s lovely voice rides catchy tunes, spinning a tale that will strike a chord with anyone who has ever dreamed of the perfect lover while loving their aloneness.

It is not just a song; it is a party of self-love and the complicity of human desire. “Imaginary Boyfriend” is a bright example of what to expect from Karen’s debut album, and once again demonstrates her ability to write simple but emotional music. This song is more than a must-listen; it is a sentimental trip through the fields of love and desire, presenting a new outlook that is as uplifting as it is entertaining.