Hey everyone! I just got my hands on Tonylight’s new album “Lumanoide” and I absolutely love it. This album is a fantastic journey through the 8bit, chiptune, acid, and techno landscapes that only Tonylight can deliver. Each track, from “KKUCI” to “SOUCI”, is a mesmerizing blend of raw, acid, and old-school vibes that takes you straight back to the unforgettable club nights of the ’90s. Tonylight’s masterful use of a Danish groove-box and his pure analogue approach give “Lumanoide” a full-bodied, deep, and intense sound that is simply addictive.

I can’t get enough of these motorik rhythms and unsettling dynamics. You all need to check out this album and dive into the world of Tonylight’s genius. Follow him on social media to stay updated on his amazing journey and future releases.