“Nineteen (Remix)” by Tiffany Kintzer is a powerful reflection of her evolution as an artist and an exciting look into her future. In the past year, Tiffany has committed herself to becoming a master at songwriting, and this sonic transformation is evident in this potent remix. Initially, capturing the audience with her first single “Truth or Dare”, she further develops the image of a musician with the support of co-writing by Kari Lawson and John Caviness’s production skills.

This remix is a collaboration between the artist and Alan George of Denver and gives a new lease of life to a very popular track, demonstrating Tiffany’s adaptability and creativity. This reimagined version of “Nineteen” not only amplifies the original’s emotional depth but also sets a high bar for what’s to come in her debut EP. It is an interesting combination of skills and originality, which promises a successful future for Tiffany in the music industry.