ORR’s “危” meaning Danger in Japanese is a thrilling multilingual spectacular that presents the outstanding abilities of new talents hailing from Japan, Mongolia, and Morocco. This is an international effort and it stands as proof of the fact that music is a language of the whole world, which has combined elements of different cultures in the integral dynamic sound. The artist’s individuality style fits together like hand in glove, and the first note of the first song creates an electric atmosphere that holds the listener.

The combination of the traditional and contemporary sounds from the two unique cultures brings a colorful and lively feel to the song, hence the song becomes a hit that appeals to the global audience. ‘危’ is not just a song, it is an entire experience, a roller coaster ride that showcases the bright future of these artists on the world stage. Their unique way of perceiving music and working together is just so motivating that ‘危’ is a must for those who want to discover something new and unusual.