“Neon Heights”, The Screaming Pope’s latest album, is a bright and thrilling trip into the realm of contemporary music. From the first track “Movie Star”, listeners are plunged into a world where the boundaries for genres are barely distinguished, thus making the whole experience immensely eclectic and captivating. Creative production shines through the album as it incorporates elements of indie rock, electronic, and psychedelic sounds smoothly. One of the most striking tracks on the album is the title track, “Neon Heights”, which has a pulsating rhythm and haunting vocals that stay in your head after the song finishes.

Lyrically, the album is brilliant. The band delves into the subject of love, loss, and the human condition in a poetic manner, which gives each song a sense of personal meaning and a universally shared quality at the very same time. Especially impressive is the way the lyrics are intertwined into the body of the music, so each word is as loud as the sounds that surround it.

The Screaming Pope’s “ Neon Heights” is not merely an album – it is a stimulating auditory venture that is both provocative and fun. For anyone looking for something new and different in sound, this is a must-listen and a tribute to the band’s artistic progression and development.