Tamara Qaddoumi – “Under The Knife”

Tamara Qaddoumi’s latest single, “Under The Knife,” is a hauntingly beautiful exploration of mortality. The Beirut-based Lebanese/Kuwaiti artist’s ethereal vocals, resonating bass, subdued guitars, and slow-train drums create an atmosphere akin to discovering how to breathe underwater. The song, part of her forthcoming EP “Sorry Signal,” is a soft surrender to the imminence of death, embracing the inevitable with grace and allowing life to shimmer with enchantment.

Tamara‘s music is characterized by its sleek, innovative Cold Pop sound, rife with emotional articulations that highlight the complex dynamic between man and machine. The song’s lyrics, inspired by hospital environments, animate cold and sterile atmospheres with suggestive guitars, emphatic synths, and heady lyrics.

Tamara‘s diverse cultural background – Kuwaiti, Palestinian, Lebanese, and Scottish – is woven into her music, often delving into conscious questions and discoveries surrounding identity and belonging. Since 2018, she has released two EPs, been featured in prestigious publications such as Marie Claire, Vogue, and Bazaar, and consistently graced Lebanon’s stages with her band.

“Under The Knife” serves as yet another manifestation of Tamara Qaddoumi’s immense talent as an artist and singer-songwriter. It is a testament to her ability to create music that not only resonates with its listeners but also encourages them to explore profound emotions and contemplate the mysteries of life and death. Her willingness to tackle such weighty themes in her music, combined with her distinctive sound and unique cultural perspective, sets her apart as an artist who continues to push the boundaries of the music industry.