JoeJas’ song “Escape!” is a lively anthem of uniqueness and creative liberty. The track, which JoeJas both rapped and produced, demonstrates his exceptional skill and his capacity to effortlessly combine elements from different genres, such as punk, jazz, hip-hop, and R&B. The song’s message centers on the significance of individuality, highlighting the necessity of staying authentic in a world that frequently tries to shape us into something we’re not. The lyrics are relatable and inspiring, with punchy lines like “picked on but never picked me”, making it a powerful testament to self-worth and the struggle to break free from societal judgment.

JoeJas, a rapper and producer who goes by the alias “HairyMuffinMan” when producing, has been rapping since he was 11 and started production at 17. His genre-blending approach has been a hallmark of his music since his self-produced debut album, “Planet,” in 2016. He has been recognized for his efforts, winning the Vans Musician Wanted Competition and receiving praise from Anderson .Paak and J.I.D.

JoeJas is a true DIY artist, performing, writing, and producing all of his music, and even shooting and editing his own music videos. His music is more than just sound; it’s a vibrant, expressive, and immersive experience that breaks down barriers and challenges societal norms. His song “Escape!” is a testament to his unique style and creative vision, making him a compelling figure in the music industry.