Suzumeno Tears’ latest offering, “Zaraita Bushi”, is a musical gem that intertwines the rich folk traditions of Japan and Bulgaria. This enchanting track is a reinterpretation of a traditional ‘washboard’ song originally sung by laundresses at Yokohama port. The duo’s innovative approach to mashing it up with the Bulgarian folk song “Prala Nachka” from Pazardzhik, which shares a similar theme of laundry, is nothing short of brilliant.

The song emerged from Miyuki’s exploration of lesser-known folk songs in Yokohama during the pandemic, leading to a beautiful collaboration with Agatha, who masterfully arranged the music. The synergy between the two songs is seamless, connected through a gently strummed guitar part that weaves the narratives together in a tapestry of sound.

The production, led by the renowned Kohsuke Nakamura, is impeccable, with Tomoko Kageyama’s vibraphone adding a layer of depth and texture. The track stands out for its unique fusion of cultural influences, storytelling, and musicality, making it a perfect opener for their highly anticipated 2024 release. “Zaraita Bushi” is a testament to Suzumeno Tears’ ability to create music that is not only culturally rich but also universally relatable and profoundly moving.