Hey there! Shady Oaks has done it again with their latest single, “Hate Me”. This track is a gritty anthem that perfectly captures the raw energy and emotional intensity that the band is known for. With Ty Gallaway’s powerful vocals and guitar, Sarah Hubbard’s haunting violin, Isaac Vance’s skillful slide guitar, Jonah Samp’s driving drums, Hunter Bates’ solid bass, and Ian Arras’s occasional keys, this song has a rich, full sound that’s hard to beat. The song is a bold “fuck you” to past struggles and a testament to moving on to better things. Trust me, you’ll want to crank up the volume for this one.

This song is a real banger, and if you love high-energy rock with a touch of raw emotion, you’re going to love “Hate Me” by Shady Oaks. Don’t miss out, follow them online for more awesome music.