With their new single, ‘What Becomes’, Order Of Owls solidifies their position in the indie music industry, serving as an exciting follow-up to their successful 2023. This new single is evidence of the band’s innovative approach as they continue their journey in the field of musical experiments. The inclusion of Jake Webber’s scorching guitar solo is a highlight, highlighting the first-ever feature with another artist on an Order Of Owls track.

Webber’s contribution is simply awe-inspiring, inserting a vibrant element into the song that takes it to an entirely new level. The band’s characteristic sound is seamlessly integrated with new elements, and the outcome is a mesmerizing and unforgettable one. The track is a masterpiece in terms of artistic performance and cooperation, which means it should be played for fans and newcomers. Order Of Owls has really surpassed themselves and ‘What Becomes’ is the best illustration of this musical journey.