In 2017, Hector Gachan burst onto the music scene with his debut album, “Untitled ’91,” making a significant impact. Following a trajectory familiar to many budding musicians, he embarked on a journey around the world, spending time in Sarajevo and Sydney. Ultimately, he found his artistic home in Edinburgh, where he established a home studio to bring his highly anticipated sophomore album, “Care 2 Share,” to life. With “Asking For A Friend,” Gachan offers listeners their first glimpse into this forthcoming masterpiece, showcasing that his time away has only heightened his creative prowess.

“Asking For A Friend” reaffirms Hector Gachan’s signature sound—crisp and velvety. The track features cascading guitar melodies accompanied by a pulsating synth, all harmonizing seamlessly with Gachan’s warm, inviting vocals. While his music bears the unmistakable influence of the 1980s, “Asking For A Friend” also shares common ground with contemporary artists like Kurt Vile and Real Estate, showcasing Gachan’s ability to bridge the gap between eras and deliver music that feels both timeless and fresh.