In the midst of the global pandemic that defined 2020, Mimi Raver embarked on a musical journey, culminating in her upcoming sophomore album, “Me And The Machine.” Crafted in the intimate confines of Raver’s home studio, affectionately known as “Room 8,” this project stands as a testament to the extraordinary human experiences during trying times. The entire recording process took place on analog tape, preserving the raw, unfiltered essence of each track.

Following the eponymous title track, Mimi Raver presents her latest single, “Easier,” exclusively on HighClouds.

“Easier” delves into the profound themes of death and the enduring pain that lingers for years afterward. Set against a moody backdrop and delivered with heart-wrenching vocals, the song opens with a poignant line, as a fuzzy, echoing guitar riff sets the tone: “Hey, it’s me, are you still listening? It’s been thirteen years this spring, and the wound still stings.”

The song is adorned with simple yet profoundly haunting lyrics, narrating the void left behind by a departed loved one. The stark lament of “I miss you, I miss you, I love you, I love you,” and the recurring chorus encapsulate the unrelenting grief, the inability to move forward, no matter how much time has passed.

To convey such a challenging emotional landscape, Mimi Raver avoids unnecessary grandiosity. “Easier” doesn’t rely on excessive poetry or contrivances. Instead, its power lies in its honesty and Raver’s skill in giving a voice to her emotions. She distills her grief into a straightforward sentiment: “I miss you, I love you,” and underscores the poignant truth that it never gets “Easier.” Listen to the track below before its official release on streaming platforms, and consider pre-ordering the album via Bandcamp.