Rodney Rice, based in the USA, gifts us with “How You Told Me So,” a delightful slice of Americana that not only showcases exceptional musicianship but also serves up a generous helping of nostalgic sounds.

The song kicks off with an enticing honky-tonk-like piano melody that immediately draws the listener in. The ivories are skillfully and continuously caressed throughout the track, as if Dr. John himself had been summoned to play.

Despite its stripped-back approach, “How You Told Me So” boasts flawless production, with each instrument expertly intertwined to create a rich and full-bodied sonic experience. The bass gently pulses beneath the surface, and the drums establish a compelling groove. The electric guitar seamlessly complements the piano, delivering some truly impressive licks. As the song progresses, the addition of a trumpet elevates the overall ambiance to new heights. These tones not only exude nostalgia but also carry an air of elegance.

The lyrics delve into complex emotions with an approachable and intimate conversational style. Rice’s delivery of the song’s central theme—overcoming skeptics and naysayers—is both compelling and sincere. Rice’s vocals serve as the icing on an already exceptional track. With just the right amount of grit to infuse it with character and passion, his voice feels friendly and inviting. The track’s message of tenacity and triumph finds its perfect embodiment in the bright and swaggering New Orleans mood that permeates the tune.