Pete Hobbs, who goes by the moniker Diving At Dawn, has recently unveiled “Playing Your Records,” a charmingly lo-fi dream pop gem that tiptoes tantalizingly close to the realms of folk music.

The track commences with a nostalgic hint of the static that gently crackles as you drop the needle onto your favorite vinyl record. In mere moments, a thick bass line emerges, accompanied by the vibes of a mellow piano, all set against a lo-fi beat. A guitar makes its presence known, contributing subtle atmospheric elements to the composition, with reverberated embellishments. Hobbs’ vocals gracefully enter the scene, bearing a slight semblance to ’90s Beck, as he recounts a cherished memory from his youth—a recollection of drifting into slumber while his father played Pink Floyd and Wings downstairs. The lyrics vividly depict how music can inscribe itself into one’s heart, forever altering one’s essence and identity.