Puelo – “Reminder”

Hannes Volz, the Berlin-based singer-songwriter known as Puelo, steps onto the indie folk scene with his debut track, “Reminder,” a reflective composition that is sure to strike a chord with a wide range of listeners. Despite marking his debut under the Puelo alias, Volz is no newcomer to the stage, having toured with Provinz and collaborated with an impressive roster of artists, including Mougleta, Chaël, Charlotte Jane, and THALA.

“Reminder” invites us into its realm with the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar, accompanied by subtle percussion. Shortly thereafter, Volz’s soothing vocals grace the track, and hints from the drum kit suggest that the song is destined for an upbeat trajectory—it’s certainly not as somber as typical folk tunes. The tempo and Volz’s vocal delivery combine to create one of the most tender and uplifting songs we’ve encountered all year. This track reinforces the notion that we should never underestimate the ability of music to brighten our spirits.

The infectious breakdown around the ninety-second mark is irresistibly catchy and is likely the part you’ll eagerly share with friends when asking if they’ve heard Puelo’s new song. It was precisely at this moment that we knew “Reminder” deserved a spot on our blog. The song’s message—that ‘perfection is overrated’—is likely to resonate with many music enthusiasts and creators alike. It serves as a gentle ‘reminder’ of why so many of us are drawn to making music in the first place.

Perhaps Volz’s extensive experience in the industry has contributed to Puelo’s debut track being such an earworm, but “Reminder” is poised to find its way onto countless feel-good playlists, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it secured a sync deal by the end of the summer. Once you’ve heard it, we’re confident you’ll concur.