Dallas-based pop artist Remy Reilly has just released “What Do Ya Know,” an upbeat track that is sure to brighten your day with its springtime vibes.

What Do Ya Know” was pitched to us as a pop song, but, vocally, it possesses some major Jade Bird vibes, who just so happens to be one of our favorite modern artists. And while Bird generally opts for the acoustically-driven numbers, Reilly has utilized a gloriously upbeat rhythm, making it impossible not to imagine all the future memories to be made this summer, then subsequently set to this musical backdrop.

The song is thick and robust, with layers of guitars and keys, but it is impossible to ignore the pulsating bass and its marriage to the energetic beat, which combine to magically get your head a’ bobbing and your foot a’ tapping. But there is a hefty amount of Texas grit in Reilly’s voice, which is what has completely won us over. And when you combine her voice with this poppy production, the result is a fantastic track that will fit perfectly within your summer soundtrack.