From Derby, UK, rising singer-songwriter Jemma Johnson is no stranger to our blog and we’ve been excitedly watching her numbers grow since we first met, gaining over 64k subscribers on YouTube and over 20 million streams on Spotify alone. She’s also been featured on several curated playlists, including New Pop UK, Easy, and All New Punk. Today, she joins us again with her anthem for the broken-hearted: “Sing It With Me.”

Jemma instantly captivates her listeners with alluring vocals and engaging melodies. And “Sing It With Me,” is a strikingly good post-relationship-heart-break-loneliness (that’s way too many hyphens, I know) pop song that has been built upon great lyrics that are delivered with an emotional immediacy. Jemma’s voice is a delight to behold and the harmonies she deploys to fill out the chorus takes this song to a very special place. The production is a masterful balance of intimate piano and epic atmospherics, assembled and mixed flawlessly to enhance the emotional power of Jemma’s vocal work. I would not be surprised to see “Sing It With Me” at the top of the pop charts. It’s that good!