Despite being composed of members residing hundreds of miles apart, Plaster Cast manages to cultivate an unparalleled sense of intimacy within their music. The project adeptly captures the essence of dreamy and melancholic bedroom pop, infusing it with their distinctive twist. Such is the case with the second single from their forthcoming EP, “Control,” following the release of the sun-soaked title track. In contrast, the new single, “Waves,” offers a moodier and more somber sonic experience.

“Waves” draws generous inspiration from dream pop and chillwave aesthetics, yet it refuses to confine itself to any particular boundaries. At the forefront of this composition is a captivatingly groovy bassline, which takes center stage amid a backdrop of gentle synths. Supported by a consistent drumbeat, the track veers away from the typical somber bedroom ballad, infusing it with vigor and vitality. These funky elements harmoniously coexist with the ethereal vocals and layers of synths, culminating in a distinctive fusion of retro dance and futuristic indietronica vibes.