Hailing from Belgium, MAUGER stands out as one of the most promising and exhilarating up-and-coming bands. They specialize in crafting the kind of anthemic indie rock that has become increasingly rare in today’s musical landscape. While many artists lean heavily into bedroom production techniques, MAUGER boldly defies this trend. Their music exudes an expansive quality, characterized by guitars that reverberate against thunderous tom drums, and vocals that confidently occupy the forefront of the mix, engaging their audience directly.

In late 2020, MAUGER introduced their debut album, “Sunday Competition,” a diverse collection comprising nine tracks, each a distinct musical entity. This album represented a significant stride for the band as they explored their unique musical identity. “Sunday Competition” offered listeners a sonic journey that traversed new rave earworms, exemplified by tracks like “Time to Choose,” as well as ventured into the realm of slowcore experimentation, as heard in “In A Haze.” Additionally, it featured poignant moments of melancholy, driven by introspective acoustic guitar melodies, as evidenced in “I’m Always Fine.”