Mortal Prophets’ latest EP, “Brian Eno In Heaven”, is a masterful fusion of haunting orchestration and atmospheric soundscapes. Released on May 17, 2024, this five-track journey begins with the eerie “Drowned Lands”, setting a foreboding tone that draws listeners into a world of dark drones and synthesized textures. “Mesmer on Holiday” and “Swimming with Witches” continue to captivate with their mesmerizing melodies and rhythmic intensity. “Fraulein Anna Sprengel” weaves a mysterious tale, but it is the titular track, “Brian Eno In Heaven”, that truly stands out.

With sweeping orchestration and ethereal vocals, this cinematic masterpiece transports listeners to celestial heights. John Beckmann’s visionary artistry shines throughout this EP, making it a must-listen. Follow Mortal Prophets on Instagram and Spotify for more new music this year.