I just listened to fxrrvst’s new single “Lavender”, and let me tell you, it’s an absolute gem! This song is their first release since 2021, and it’s fully self-produced by the talented Holly and Matt. “Lavender” perfectly blends their signature indie-rock sound with a nostalgic 2000’s emo vibe, creating an irresistible mix that had me hooked from the first note.

The track starts with a catchy guitar melody and an energetic rhythm that instantly gets you moving. But don’t be fooled by its upbeat tempo, the lyrics dive deep into themes of trauma and resilience, showcasing Holly’s raw and honest storytelling. The powerful vocals and haunting background harmonies evoke a sense of vulnerability and strength, making “Lavender” a truly unforgettable listening experience.

If you’re into indie rock with an emotional punch, you definitely need to check out fxrrvst and follow them online for more amazing music releases in the future.