Kitty Rae’s song “Villain” is a powerful anthem that showcases the artist’s unique blend of dark electropop and raw, emotive storytelling. The track is inspired by a meme highlighting how people entering their “villain era” are usually just setting healthy boundaries with others for the first time. With a captivating sound reminiscent of artists like Sia, Halsey, and Billie Eilish, “Villain” resonates with listeners and has received a strong response.

Hailing from rural Victoria, Kitty Rae (she/they) began their musical journey by watching YouTube tutorials and recording demos in 2020. Since then, they have supported acts like King Stingray, Teenage Dads, and Eliza + The Delusionals, and played at events such as Moomba Festival and The Push All Ages Tour. With over 80K streams and 18K followers worldwide, Kitty Rae’s message of unapologetically being yourself is resonating with a growing audience.

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