“Isolation” by Jody Cooper is a true masterpiece and deserves your full attention. Featuring rather emotional words of the song, as well as Cooper’s soulful voice singing it, the track embodies a spirit of loneliness and self-imposed seclusion. The melody is melancholy and yet, beautiful, creating a vortex of feelings, which could be perceived as peculiar or common.

The arrangement of the song is perfect – there are so many instruments participating in it, and no instrument occupies the foreground long enough to take the story away. What stands out most is the honesty and vulnerability in Cooper’s performance, making “Isolation” not just a song, but an experience. It is a musical odyssey that appeals to the soul, a balm to the lonely heart that provides comfort and empathy. This track is not just a testament to Cooper’s artistry, but also a beacon of hope in these challenging times.