Painted Friends’ latest release titled ‘Cain Complex’, takes the listener on a wonderful journey that brings together the soulful storytelling of Johnny Cash with the timeless biblical story of Cain and Abel. This song, which comes is a result of deep pondering of an artist and creative passion, makes sense to anyone who has battled envy or actually felt unworthy. The lead guitar riff, the genesis of the track, weaves a haunting melody that perfectly complements the introspective lyrics.

The string ‘trouble is all around’ that impressed the artist as an ordinary worker one day, unfolds a keen pain of the heroine. This line perfectly captures the battle inside that Cain would have felt, which helps to make the song relatable to the point where it feels almost personal. “Cain Complex” is a powerful statement, which does not seem just a song; but more of a narrative set to the music, and it stands out among others of the Painted Friends’ tracklist.