On January 21, 2024, Jack Miller released his newest single “Walk This Way,” which is a dynamic start of the year, revealing the New York-based artist’s progress, who has been recognized for his unconventional fusion of Indie-Pop with Alternative Hip-Hop. This new track, a promising start to what is expected to be a prolific year, is in line with his popular series of EP’s “Bedroom Bops”. ‘Walk This Way’ captures a message that all individuals can embrace, and it is characterized by lyrics that are easy to relate to and Jack’s unique melodic beats.

This release will not only be a source of joy for the already established fan base but will also be a great way to market the artist and attract new fans hence securing his place in the music industry. Although the song’s rhythm is quite catchy and the story is rather thoughtful, it is still possible to state that “Walk This Way” is a brilliant example of Jack Miller’s artistic growth and his intention to reach out to his audience.