Clash of Suns’ ‘Demons Ground’ is a powerful statement of the band’s development and honed musical skills. The group hails from Northern Germany and at first wowed fans with their desert rock feel that brought to mind the iconic Queens of the Stone Age.

The band’s path through reorientation and musical experimentation leads to their newest EP “Overhaul”, which will be released in early February 2024 and is guaranteed to shake the audience’s nerves. The single from the EP, ‘Demons Ground’ is a perfect fusion of their background and new horizons. It harbors the stoner rock guitars that fans have come to love, yet introduces a fresh vocal twist that sets it apart. This track is not only a tip of the hat to their inspirations but a confident step into unknown paths, which proves the band’s ability to grow while remaining themselves. “Demons Ground” is a compelling reason to keep Clash of Suns on your radar.