Ian Dencker’s latest release “WHEN STARS COLLIDE”, is a stunning musical creation that captivates the listener from the beginning. While Dencker’s artistry is very evident, his music is a fusion of both instrumental finesse and also lyrical richness.

The melody of the song is particularly captivating, not only haunting but also very beautiful, and it is this melody that makes the atmosphere so immersive. Ian’s vocals are very remarkable, singing the heartbreaking lyrics with a lot of feeling that is raw and very moving. The quality of the production of the song is very excellent, which is a perfect blend of the multiple musical aspects. The structure of the song carries and takes the listener on a journey leaving the listener with a a lasting impression. “WHEN STARS COLLIDE” is much more than just a song; it’s an event, proof of Ian Dencker’s incredible talent and also musical creativity.