Hey everyone, Hayden here again! I just had the pleasure of diving into Evelyn Bates’ latest gem, “Fragile (cello arrangement)”. This track is a hauntingly beautiful rendition of her original piano piece, with the talented Elena Kopteva arranging and weaving in the melancholic tones of three cellos. The result? Absolutely stunning. It’s a deep dive into the themes of mental health, and you can even catch a mesmerizing art performance of it on Evelyn’s YouTube channel.

Seriously, the synergy between Evelyn’s poignant piano melodies and Elena’s Celtic-influenced strings creates a soundscape that’s as evocative as it is elegant. If you’re into heartfelt music that touches the soul, you cannot miss this. Do yourself a favor, give it a listen, and don’t forget to follow Evelyn Bates on her social media to catch all her upcoming enchanting releases!