Hey friends, it’s Hayden here! I just listened to ANTONÍ’s debut album “Holding Tight Lightly“, and wow, what a gem! From the very first track, “Meteor Swarm”, her delicate voice wraps you in a warm embrace and takes you on a journey. Produced by Can Güngör with a dash of magic from Einar Stray, it’s got everything, hypnotic melodies, rhythmic beats, and dreamy synths.

“Ascending Rivers” makes you wanna dance like no one’s watching, while “Convoys” hits that perfect bittersweet note. And oh, don’t even get me started on the title track. “Holding Tight Lightly” is pure poetry, where life itself blooms again with each tender piano note. ANTONÍ’s ability to blend organic and electronic sounds is truly beguiling, and her unique timbre shines through each song. Every track is a lush, mystical world of its own, filled with longing, liberty, and joy.

If you’re ready to dive into this magical soundscape, follow ANTONÍ on social media to catch her latest updates. Trust me, you’ll want to be part of this journey!