Hettie B’s “Something About You” is a mesmerizing song that flawlessly conveys the depth of emotions. The track exudes a lively and feminine ambiance, complemented by alluring undertones in the lyrics that portray the profoundness of the sentiments being expressed. Hettie B’s commanding and heartfelt vocals bring an extra dimension to the song, serving as a reminder to listeners of the strength and allure of love. Her performance is sincere and impassioned, infusing each word she sings with genuine authenticity.

Hettie B, a female Pop R&B artist residing in East London, ‘Something About You’ is a dreamy song both uplifting and romantic in nature. Hettie B possesses a mesmerising tone and effortlessly sweet vocals, her relaxed nature of singing shines through each of her songs, which she is excited to share with the world.

Her song “Something About You” showcases her singing talent and her capacity to express emotions through her music. Her voice exhibits precise control as the narrative of love and romance unfolds, and the lyrics of the song are filled with the poetic elegance of beautiful language. This indicates that Hettie B is a skilled and enthusiastic artist, capable of crafting music that deeply resonates with her audience.