Blindness & Light’s “The First Light Of Day” is a musical masterpiece that serves as a beacon of hope in a complex world. The song, performed entirely by Colin M. Potter, is a soul-stirring melody that brings a thought-provoking sincerity to the listener. The lyricism touches on themes of independence, freedom, and liberation from criticism, telling the tale of a secret admirer of a repressed person who breaks free from her past and starts anew.

The song’s expansive sonic landscape, created through the clever use of generous reverb, imparts a sense of boundless freedom, allowing each note and lyric to resonate deeply. The melody line is a testament to Blindness & Light’s musical prowess, guiding the listener through various emotional landscapes, much like the changing hues of a sunrise.

Influenced by the golden era of post-punk in the 80s and 90s, primarily from the North West of England and Scotland, the song seamlessly blends the nostalgia of that era with a contemporary twist. “The First Light Of Day” is not just a song, but a journey of love and liberation that touches the soul and inspires the listener with its unparalleled passion and sincerity.