Hangover Square’s latest single, “Softest of Silks”, released on January 21, 2024, is a mesmerizing blend of folktronica and roots music that showcases the incredible talent of the Bristol-based husband and wife duo, Victoria Bourne and Chris Harper. Their chemistry is palpable, weaving together a tapestry of sounds that feel both innovative and timeless.

Victoria’s vocals are a revelation, gliding effortlessly over Harper’s intricate musical landscapes. This track stands out for its emotional depth, masterful production, and seamless integration of electronic and organic elements. Having been play-listed on BBC Radio 2 and touring extensively across the UK and Europe, Hangover Square continues to impress with their musical craftsmanship. “Softest of Silks” is a testament to their artistry, promising to enchant listeners with its ethereal beauty and lyrical poignancy.