Whenever an artist cites Phoebe Bridgers as an influence, we often find ourselves featuring their music on our blog, despite having only a passing familiarity with Bridgers’ work ourselves. This intriguing pattern has highlighted a gap in our listening experience, a gap we intend to fill. But before we dive into that, let’s talk about Emma Bieniewicz, an artist you likely already know and appreciate. And if you haven’t yet discovered her music, her latest track, “Tobacco,” is the perfect introduction.

“Tobacco” starts with the gentle strumming of a muted guitar, over which Bieniewicz’s vocals float ethereally, soft and whisper-like. The song feels like a closely held secret suddenly shared with the world, enveloped in a dreamy mix of reverb and delay that resonates with us deeply. The addition of piano and slide guitar as the track progresses elevates it, crafting an indie-folk soundscape that’s simply divine.

The arrangement of “Tobacco” is deceptively simple yet remarkably full-bodied. It achieves this fullness without any traditional percussion, relying instead on Bieniewicz’s layered vocals and the rhythmic strumming of the guitar to propel the song forward. Despite its somewhat somber tone, the song radiates a feeling of gratitude and joy for life. Listening to “Tobacco,” it’s hard not to feel fortunate for the experience.