Our blog typically doesn’t gravitate towards energetic indie pop, yet there’s a specific charm when an artist blends nostalgic elements with a contemporary twist. Cupid Girl’s “I Drop Everything” perfectly encapsulates this unique blend.

This track is a delightful anomaly, instantly transporting us back to the glory days of ’80s dance music while appreciating the present-day artistry akin to talents like HAIM and Maggie Rogers. Cupid Girl stands out with her authentic and organic vocal style, eschewing the excessive production and overt autotune common in much of today’s music. Her vocal delivery, reminiscent of Florence Welch, combines immense talent with the bold exploration of deeper themes. “I Drop Everything” delves into the journey of self-discovery and empowerment following the end of a toxic relationship.

Midway through, the song introduces a dynamic shift, featuring vibrant guitar chords under Cupid Girl’s raw, exposed vocals. This transition not only showcases her vocal prowess but also masterfully sets the stage for a soaring chorus. Moreover, the inclusion of guitar in the track is particularly noteworthy. In an era dominated by synth and midi sounds, the presence of actual instruments played by real musicians adds a refreshing and genuine quality to the music. This track stands out in a sea of submissions for its authentic instrumentation and the skillful way it captures the essence of both past and present musical landscapes.