Crush Limbo’s self-titled album would be a great album to listen to if one wants to experience the intertwining of different genres of music. This album of 14 songs with a ’60s psychedelic, ’70s glam, and new wave touch is an ambitious homage to eccentric musicians and literary heroes, from Elvis Costello to Leonard Cohen.

The depth and complexity of Colm Clark’s songwriting is exceptionally demonstrated through a variety of characters who range from the romantically obsessed math nerds of ‘Coulomb’s Law’ to the existential wanderers of ‘Why Does This Always Happen to Me?’. Each song is a well-constructed brushstroke on a wonderful canvas, which creates a truly immersive sonic palette, and one can be lost in it. It’s a gem that is not seen every day; it is one that not only gives a nod to the past but also creates a special place in the present.